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F.A.Q. and Support
Welcome to Nomadax!
Nomadax allows you to meet new people, chat in chatrooms, share your pictures, videos and online diary with other members. Nomadax keeps your community always in the palm for your hand through Mobile Internet/WAP, Text Message Service, and/or from the convenience of your computer. Nomadax access is Simple, fun and always available.
What is Nomadax?
Wikipedia defines Nomad(ax): Nomadic people (Greek : nomádes) are communities of people who move from one place to another, rather than settling permanently in one location. There are an estimated 30-40 million nomads in the world. Many cultures have traditionally been nomadic, but traditional nomadic behavior is increasingly rare in industrialized countries.

Nomadax is available via SMS, WAP, Java and Web.
Using the Nomadax Mobile Service (WAP)
You can use Nomadax directly from your mobile phone if you have mobile data enabled on your phone. The service is available using a Mobile WAP Connection or Mobile Internet connection. We recommend you have an unlimited data plan with your mobile operator to avoid mobile data charges. To access the Nomadax Mobile Service enter the following address into your mobile browser: m.nomadax.com

Using the Service via SMS
If you are a user in a country listed below you can interact with your community using the Short Messaging Service (SMS) or Mobile Text Messages. The SMS service is available by sending specific keywords to a premium number.

nmxChat <nickName> <Message> (nmxChat Lucy Hello how are you?)

Description: nmxDESC (Set own description e.g. nmxDESC Funny guy)

Delete profile description: nmxRMDESC

Inquire profile information: INFO (e.g. INFO MAX)

Start to use the service: NOMADAX

Keyword: NMX

Alias: Your name in the Nomadax community. This name can be whatever you want. Alias is going to sign you in the community at any time since the community will know your phone number. Communicate with using your Alias.

Example: nmxREG Divertida F33. In this example the user is known as a woman of 33 years with NICK 'Divertida'

Start using the service, send nmxBUSCAR, if you want to find other people quickly, or you can view the list of commands below.

Since you joined with your info, you can now add a description for others to know more about you. To add a description, send nmxDESC and description you want

For example send a message: nmxDESC I am serious, tall and good person.

Keyword: nmxSRCH

For example: nmxSRCH F23a31 you are looking for women of 23 to 31 years of age. The community will try to connect you with these types of people.

If you do steps 1 through 3 and complete all your data: Now we will begin to grow your Nomadax community! nmxSRCH for people to combine with you, simply send the word nmxSRCH. Nomadax will send back a list of users to combine with you!

If you send the nmxSRCH command, Nomadax will send back a list of users to connect with you. In this way: Suzanne F25, F23 Mary, Lisa F29. Send a message to one of these users simply send the following:

Keyword: nmxCHAT

nmxNICK of the user you want to communicate: Suzanne

Message you would like to send

Example: nmxCHAT Suzanne Lets go to a movie

If you sendt nmxSRCH, Nomadax will return a list of matching profiles. For example: Suzanne F25, Mary F23, Lisa F29. To look at more details send:

Commando: Info

nmxNICK of user you want more information.

Example: nmxINFO Mary

This will send you more information regarding Mary: Mary F33 I like to party

Comando: BLOQUEO <ALIAS> El Alias seria el usuario que quieres bloquear. (Ej. Bloqueo Maria)

10. Borrar su Perfil:

Comando: nmxMAS a 55123

Comando: nmxQuitarDesc al 55123